The FOG WATCH Is Now Available!

FW Cover

Inspired by the years I spent living and working as a crewman aboard cruise ships, and dedicated to my wife, Aleksandra, FOG WATCH is a novel of adventure, travel, romance… and fog.

As the M.V. Grand Athena sails under the Golden Gate Bridge, young Sagittarius Kostak—the new boy on board—sees something strange in the fog.

Fresh out of community college, Sage gets a job on a cruise ship hoping to jump-start his career while traveling the world. But this small-town boy is unprepared for the fast-paced life of the crew: the constant partying. The endless booze. The wanton sex! He tries to walk a straight and narrow path, but the temptations are more than he can resist. Then one foggy night he discovers that a team of sophisticated jewel thieves has infiltrated his ship. Their target: a million carats in diamonds. Sage is clumsy enough to stumble across their plan and stubborn enough to figure it out… but not quite smart enough to actually do anything about it until it’s too late.

Now he’s fighting more than just temptation. He is out of his element and wet behind the ears—yet he’s the only one who can defeat the thieves, rescue a billionaire’s wife, and thwart the biggest diamond heist in history. Cruising from Acapulco to Alaska, FOG WATCH is filled with humor, romance and suspense.

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