Well, Damn: I Got Cancer

Make that three different kinds of cancer.

It all started back in the Spring, when I suddenly started pissing blood. It was horrifying. Turned out to be kidney cancer, and the disease took my right kidney.

Follow-up scans indicated another tumor, likely metastatic, in my lung. Plans were made for a biopsy.

But then, literally the day before I was to go into the hospital for this biopsy, I was struck by a bleeding brain aneurism. I thought I was having a stroke, but it turned out to be another tumor. The stroke-like symptoms included total paralysis of the right side of my body, which was even more terrifying than pissing blood.

Using targeted radiation therapy, they were able to hammer that brain tumor flat. I was finally released from the hospital almost exactly one month after I went in. My cat, Zuma, was happy to see me.

Me & Zuma

I am starting to claw my way free from the paralysis, and confidence is high that I will learn to walk again.

Next week I will finally get around to that lung biopsy. The results will determine what course of treatment gets prescribed: chemotherapy, immunotherapy, or whatever. We will see what the future brings, and I will keep my readers posted.

In the meantime, my excellent friends back in Texas have started a GoFundMe campaign for medical financial support. You can find out more by clicking here: https://gofund.me/6a4e7f0d

Thank you for your support.

Bryan Geer

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