Some men are natural-born assholes, while other men have to work hard all their lives in order to become assholes. For junior marketing executive Buddy Heyman, it was both—but that’s no reason to kidnap the man, drug him, and tattoo the word ASSHOLE to his forehead.

Yet someone did exactly that.

More Loathsome

Trouble is, they screwed with the wrong asshole. Now Buddy’s on a mission of revenge.  And with his intimate knowledge of the city’s seamy underbelly, his lowlife contacts and underworld connections, his lack of scruples and morals, and his willingness to use any dirty trick, low blow or sucker punch to get the job done, this white-collar pencil-pusher turns out to be a surprisingly formidable foe.

As the body count rises and the city literally catches fire, Buddy faces a moral dilemma: does he continue his asshole ways despite the increasing cost, or does he step off the path of vengeance, forgive his enemies, get the tattoo removed, and get on with his life? The fate of his immortal soul hangs in the balance.

Not just another shaggy noir story, AMERICAN ASSHOLE is a contemporary satire of white privilege and toxic masculinity. It is nasty, brutish and mercifully short: 67,000 words.

Adult commercial fiction with literary aspirations. Like THE HANGOVER meets THE BIG LEBOWSKI.

CAUTION: contains racism, sexism, dick jokes, fart jokes, and acts of assholery so obnoxious and depraved that decorum prohibits listing them here. Also, it is shit-your-pants funny. Keep out of reach of children!  Should appeal to fans of Chuck Palahniuk and readers of Mad magazine.

Hokum, Bunkum & Bull and Associates

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5 thoughts on “AMERICAN ASSHOLE

  1. Haven’t read the book yet, but loved the commentary about it and how it came to life! Also like the new title better, can’t wait to read it when it’s out there. And just one more thing that I forgot to tell you before, shouldn’t he be called a Cunt Dracula rather than a Count Dracula 🧛‍♂️ since he’s been such an asshole? 😉

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